JJ_MacCrimmon (jj_maccrimmon) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Model photography and Abandoned Places


Up till a few minutes ago, I'd been very pleased with how well the massive influx of new members and old were interacting. Then a post went up which seems to have drawn the snark out in full force.

One: If you have ANY question about the appropriate nature of a post to this community, contact me FIRST! Do not pass snark. Do not collect stupid points in the eyes of the community and the moderator. PERIOD! This is a sure way for me, your usually mellow moderator to delete posts and/or ban users.

Two: Though it's not written in the profile, its been a long established understanding among long term members that 60% of a photo posted here MUST show detail of an abandoned place. Several of us who post here are professional photographers (waves) and use abandoned sites for shoot locations for the very same reason we shoot the sites otherwise - they are incredible locations with great character. Likewise, they must not be using the photo to beg for business.

In the recent case, only one photo was moderated out of bounds and as the poster noted this was from an old shoot. Put simply, the post was fine. The response by several members, including the original submitter were not fine.

JJ does not like to resort to the ban button, but will use it to keep the peace.
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