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overlook mountian house

Hello! I am new here, the photos below were acctually taken by my boyfriend (i shot on a very old nikon 35mm and haven't gotten the photos developed yet, don't know how they'd even have come out). They are of The Overlook Mountain House, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Catskills at the turn of the century. It is just outside of woodstock new york, about 3 miles up the Overlook Mountian. It was the highest elevation hotel in the catskills. The rubble that remains now is what was left of the third incarnaton of the building, the bulding had been destroyed by fire twice throughout the 19th and early 20th century. In 1923, after the second fire, the concrete facade and many outbuildings were constructed on the site, but never finished due to financial issues. What remains today is the concrete skeleton of the main building and the also unfinished "1928 building", which was to be used as a lodge.

myself, in front of the bulding sitting on what was once a fountian:

the back of the main building:

the lodge, or 1928 building:

and a bathtub found in the 1928 building:

There are many more pictures than I could possibly post here, but I thought you all might appreciate it. There was an instilation art project done a few years ago where someone found all the old articles and information about the hotel in his prime, and glued them to the walls, they were quite faded and hard to read, but added something to the experiance. The atmosphere of the place was absoloutly amazing, you could still feel the wonderment and joy of someone arriving at this magestic place on their vacation as soon as you crested the final hill and the amazing building came into view. I can honestly say, it is completly worth the climb to get there.
Anyone else in the new york area have some ideas for locations to share? I'd very much appreciate it :)
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