Morgan (ixion) wrote in abandonedplaces,


Hi! My name is Morgan. I saw the community in the Spotlight and *Had* to check it out. I am Very glad that I did. There are some WONDERFUL pictures and .. well, you all know that already!

I have especially enjoyed the Hospital Pictures. They fascinate me. I'm kind of odd in that way. My dad is a mortician, so I've always been a bit intrigued by death and places associated with it. I also work with kids who have various disabilities. So, it is really interesting to me to look back and see what kind of places they were put into.

I don't have any pictures of abandoned places at the moment.
In the spring and summer, I think I am going to go explore, as I have been inspired by the community. On that note, does anyone know of any places in Iowa that would be good to check out? I've been racking my brain and haven't thought of any. I have also tried to recreate drives through the state in my mind, trying to remember any out of the way places that look to be no longer used. I'm drawing a blank.

Anyway, I'll hush and go back to enjoying the pictures ... Thank you for creating such a wonderful place!
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