realbruts (realbruts) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Snow Bound Cabin

Cabins look so... appropriate in the snow - including abandoned ones.

This particular place has been given - with it's ponds & property - to a local arboretum. They don't really want the cabin, and have unsuccessfully trying to get various historical societies to take it over. So it stands with an uncertain future...

Sorry, no interior access at this time...

Abandoned Cabin in the Snow

I took these this morning, by the way (1/10/2009)...
As you can see, it's been boarded up in an ugly but thorough manner...

Abandoned Cabin in the Snow

Abandoned Cabin in the Snow

Very OLD - with solid construction...

Abandoned Cabin in the Snow

My hope is to arrange interior access in the future - as well as get some seasonal pictures here. It is a very pretty location...

More pictures HERE

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