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Put your hands up for Detroit... I love this city!

Hey everyone... kinda unusual to see such a group exist on LJ... but.. oh well, it seems as though a lot of people have the same common interests.

I'm from the Metro-Detroit area.. I've lived here all my life... but recently gotten into the wonderful world of 'urban spelunking'. I enjoy it... from things such as just walking over history, to imagining what these buildings used to be like in their prime.

First off for me is Michigan Central Station. Also known as Michigan Cental Depot, MCS, MCD, Michigan Train Station.. etc. Its been around since the early 1920's.

Michigan Central Station has been my unicorn for living in the Detroit area. It stands tall, in very good structural shape, however.. the lack of funding from anyone has given it a old eerie feeling as anyone drives by it. You might also recognize it from a movie. The latest movie of Transformers used this building.


The Grand Entrance

A long way down...

Up on da Roof

Walking in without a care in the world...

Waitin for the elevator...

Who is Eddie anyways?

You might see the snow.. all the windows have been broken out, and the wind whips around. The building is 18 stories high, and without that elevator.. getting to the top is quite a little task. We also chose to do it on one of Michigan's coldest days so far this winter. I'm not doing that crap again. I froze my ass off..

Those are just a few.. if you want to see more.. visit here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kcjacoby/sets/72157611463117977/

I'm still adding photos since it was a very recent trip.

2nd off is Packard Assembly Plant

Packard was an old automobile assembly plant. This building is freaking HUGE... it never ends.. and there is always something to see. I believe it was no longer used for Packard a while ago, and then one of the other Big 3 automakers took it over and used it.


Packard Hangar Bay

Packard Plunge

The Alley's of Packard

Broken Alley

Packard Peer

Spooled in Packard

Here is a link to all the rest... http://www.flickr.com/photos/kcjacoby/sets/72157608604471042/

Finally Detroit Public Schools Book Depository/ Roosevelt Park Warehouse

Not much is known about the decisions here.. But there is a warehouse in Detroit that was used to house all of the supplies, textbooks, papers, everything you could possibly think of for the Detroit Public School system. Back in the mid 90's... they just shut this warehouse down. Didn't remove anything.. didn't do ANYTHING with it all. It has been subjected to almost 15 years of vandilism, theft, and time. All the supplies still sit there, all the text books sit there... some have been weathered, some have fallen apart, some have been examined... and a lot of the time a few of them have been burned to keep the homeless people warm. Its a small set of photos, but it is one of the places I want to go back to spend more time at.

Up on the Rooftop

DPS Book Wasteland

Taking count...

Crumbling Foundations

Paper litters the floor...

Just a few more here at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kcjacoby/sets/72157606148658130/

I hope ya'll like em.. and if you have Flickr accounts.. please.. comment and fav them if you like them!

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