Not Long Now (fercsavo) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Not Long Now


I found this group yesterday. I absolutely love abandoned places. There is a story to discover. The past almost feels like it echos down empty hallways and through the rooms. I am from outside of philadelphia pa.

I hate to tantilize people with promises, but i have so many pics that i have taken over the years (if i weren't so freaking unorganized i'd post them I have been to an abandoned mansion that used to be a colt (from what i've heard). An abandoned greenhouse. I have found (but yet to photograph) a row of 3-4 houses hidden in some woods down by the also abandoned franklin mint (i can't get in there, they still hire guards to watch it even though it's empty). In fact that area is a gold mine,.. and i really need to get out there soon. And the absolute best find that i have yet seen was an abandoned school/hospital thing out by penn state brandywine campus. It used to house something like a thousand people or so. There are like 15 buildings including an old chapel. I didn't have my camera when i found it... but i am definitely going to go there come spring. So expect a bunch from me in the Right now i leave you with this....

This is the abandoned greenhouse (i'll post more if you want)

This is one of the rooms of that mansion...

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