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Abandoned medical center

The Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center in Downey, CA has been abandoned since the late '90s--mostly due to lack of funding, from what I've read, although there are apparently rumors about mistreated patients that I haven't been able to really confirm yet. A fun fact I have been able to confirm, however, is that marines who had been using the vacant buildings for whatever reason found some decade-old body parts in the freezer according to an L.A. Times article. Craaazy...

These weren't really shot with the best quality digital camera, but I thought they might be cool-looking enough to post here.

If you can make sense of the above graffiti poem...I applaud you.

We couldn't get into this auditorium because all of the doors were sealed up pretty well. I took this photo through one of the windows.

One of the buildings caught fire some ten years after the center's vacancy too, according to Whittier Daily News. I'm pretty sure this one with the piano in it was burned a bit due to the ashes and the smell.

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