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Military and mining sites in Central Kazakhstan

Former USSR top-secret military compound in Betpak Dala desert. Advanced radar support and tactical missile control center with living quarters. All images are clickable for better quality.

Non-armored bunker, probably a hardware warehouse.

Most of debris inside are parts of electrical switchgear, relays, even some old Soviet computers. All from mid-1980-s the latest.

Used to be a maximum-security perimeter. In the past years any random travelers would be traced and stopped by the military on the road to this place 30 km away from this fence.

The bunkers provide protection from microwave frequencies during radar operation. Were used as offices, nothing left inside today. Previous visitors reported using old tables and chairs as firewood while camping near those.

Mobile rocket-launcher, left behind after the USSR break-up when the Russian military left Kazakhstan in urgency. The rocket itself was removed in 1997 by the local Kazakhs, scavenging the desert for valuable non-ferrous scrap metal.

I photographed all these in 2000, today even the rusty iron is all gone, the roads to this place have been left uncontrolled for quite a while, so the locals brought heavy trucks and took everything away.

Back in 2000 the local "metalhunters" did not have trucks.

Pieces of missile and booster airframe waiting to be picked and sold as scrap.

Now a few shots from a very remote area of Betpak Dala Desert - the old sardonix mines of Shibindi (from the early 1930-s):

Sardonix was mined by large trench excavators. Ancient nomad graves had no signs on the surface, but plenty of them were opened...

I had to re-bury that one.

That was it for the Summer of 2000 in Kazakhstan.

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