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Abandoned Places over Abandoned Places

Ruins and derelict places have alway drawn me to them. It was, and is as if they have a story to tell. Sometimes I think I catch some fragment of those stories. And from one place I ran in fear, but that is another story.

Trier, the city I live in is one of the oldest, maybe the oldest, in this country. But it is a living, breathing city ever changing, ever growing it has done so for more than 2 thousand years and so sometimes an abandoned place makes way for something new and another abandoned place resurfaces.

One of the strange things here in Germany - combining German and English words...
This is what the place looked like when I came to this town.

Here you can see that I sneaked behind the barrier. The building used to be a bookstore, you can still see where they sold books on law and taxes.

This is the rest of the City Parkhaus. Underneath they found this:

ruins under the ruin

Strangely enough the ruins are medieval not Roman, which makes them quite unusual in this town. ;)

Sorry the pictures aren't very good they were made with my old camera, a pretty crappy thing. My new mobile phone makes better pics...
But i thought you might like those anyway.

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