xombiemonster (xombiemonster) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Abandoned Charlotte Area, NC

Hello, first time post.
I'm in an area of extremely rapid developement just North of Charlotte, NC.
My 'mission' is sort of to explore all of the abandoned areas I can before they are torn down and made into strip malls and neighborhoods.

I'm sorry if my pictures are too large *-*
A school that... I didn't actually go inside since it was broad daylight and they still use the detatched gym for kid's sporting events. I could only walk around it and try to get pictures. Note: not the best pictures in the world.

A house that was unfortunately torn down last week.

Sorry about the photo dump, hope I didn't wreck your computers.
Better photos were sadly taken with my 35mm, and scanning is sometimes a major hassle.
Sometimes as in all the time, haha.

Also, a question- does anyone know of more places in the Charlotte Area that are abandoned/explorable?

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