A Rhapsody In Black And Blue (razorart) wrote in abandonedplaces,
A Rhapsody In Black And Blue

It's great to find a community on LJ that is devoted to the joys in trespassing!

Last winter, my friend and I took the tram over to Roosevelt Island's crumbling Small Pox Hospital.
Of course just looking at it would never be enough in our world. My friend and I somehow managed to get past two fences, over a ton of rubble and weeds 3 feet taller than my head (in platform boots, no less) to explore the ruins.
It was freezing and windy as hell, but SO WORTH IT. We spent over an hour in there walking around what is left of this amazing place.

I only had my blackberry camera on me, so these aren't the greatest quality, but at least documented our adventure.

The Skyline as seen from the ruins.

I also grabbed a souvenir, a piece of what seems to be scrolled iron grating, completely rusted of course.

For those who aren't skeptical, I kept seeing odd images come up on these, but take that as you wish.

When I first opened this on my phone, the image of a forlorn emaciated person's upper half with their face leaning on their hand jumped out at me from the left side of this picture. Then the image of a small boy on the right of the black hole in the middle was pointed out to me. Now that it's been lightened in photoshop and enlarged, I can see even more faces.

My friend told me that he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder, turned around to find me several feet back, but didn't mention it until we had left.
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