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All Your Base

All Your Base

The Adult Occupational Centre Edgar wasn't always a government insutition for the lower functioning of society. In fact it was first built in 1952 as the RCAF Radar Station Edgar. It served for ten years as the southern most post in the Pine-Tree line, an early warning system of nuclear bombers coming to wipe us off the face of the Earth from Soviet-Era Russia.

Oh Cold War.

But by '62 Technology, as it always does, advanced, and the equipment at Edgar was rendered obsolete. So the RCAF sold it off to the Ontario Government (for a price of a new home, and they sold a town!)

Rebranded to Adult Occupational Centre Edgar, opened in 1962. It operated as a place where lower functioning adults could learn vocational skills such as kitchen, wood and metal working, while living in semi-indipendance.

When the Deinsutionalization started rolling through Edgar was on the chopping block, operations ceased and the place shut down in 1999. It's now a ghost-town, guarded 24/7 - 365. Occationally used for Tactical training by the OPP and the DND. Also Canada's Worst Driver 3 was filmed here.

The Sign

Several companies maintain tall towers and sat dishes on the site. The old Radar Domes are long gone.

Halls 1
Can you see the mould?

The Bus
An Old TTC bus on the site (Aug 2006, by July 2007 it was gone)

A garage on the property. Not original to the base.

Food Services 2
Food Services building

The former Officer's Mess. It's now just a mess!

Kitchen in the Food Services building.

The Weird Wall
Weird-ass murals in the basement of Food Services.

Street just outside the Hospital.

Bed Rest
Most of the hospital equipment is gone.

The blueprints for the church/community center. It's within direct line of sight of the guard shack.

I like the fact they left this up.

Bowling Alley.

The gym.

Movie theater (Aug 2006) By July 2007 the place was a wreak.

The Pool.

Typicle PMQ (Private Married Quarters)

The Loud Room
A vocational skills shop.

Dark Halls
Another Hall.

There's Lots more here:
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