gaudete1066 (gaudete1066) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Not as bad as Montana or the Dakotas, but...

Doth maketh for a short photo search.  Has anyone else had a camera freeze up on them?

People gate as seen from the ditch.  My pup looked at me like I was completely cracked when I slogged down into the ditch for this one.

That vacant 60+ year old farm house down the road.  Maximum the Incredulous wuffles around in the lower right.

Old entertainment for the odd farm sprat.

It's still an operational farm, but now a retirement hobby for the gentleman who owns it. He still keeps a few Simmentals, but most are a dark hybrid. 

The sun, frozen in the tree tops.  Here my camera had started seriously freezing up, the optic taking just enough moisture to haze everything and muck up the focus.  *sigh*

and just for grins and giggles:

We don't get snow, but if you don't dress like Nanook of the North, YOU will freeze up.


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