Not Long Now (fercsavo) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Not Long Now

I fainally found my hard drive...

Sorry for the delay. First i found my hard drive, but not the wires, then the wires, but lost the hard drive. I finally united them and... well here. Some more of the greehouse pistures and mansion pictures. I apologize if i disappoint anyone, i'm not sure why i don't have more pictures, but the folders just felt...slim for some reason. I know i had more of the greehouse, but i fear it was lost when my hard drive crashed a month ago. They were sort-of backed up on a friends computer, but i have to ask... but yeah, sorry to blabber on like that.

First the greehouse pictures.
I'm going back this spring looking for flowers to pop up in there somewhere hopefully, that would make it really cool


Then the mansion pictures. I am going back here soon too.
I'm looking for snow on this one, it would give it a cool gloomy feel

How we got in, only up to a roof around the front...
it was his idea and he was seeing if it was possible

The group got seperated when we got in there. i was mostly on the first floor, they went up though. After we met back up outside, they told me of the choir room they found on the third floor (which i didn't even know there was a third floor). I want to go back there soon, but i hear rumors of them gutting the place to remodel it or something... i hope not.
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