tyndall_blue (tyndall_blue) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Rural Exploration

Long time lurker, first time poster. I finally summoned the courage to venture into a house that has been abandoned since I first moved to Northern VA over 12 years ago. The property has recently gone up for sale for $175,000.

A couple questions. Is there anyone in the Hampton Roads area that has interesting locations to adventure or would like a partner? And, has anyone checked out the 4-5 abandoned houses right along 17 S before right before it connects to 95 S in VA? They looked like awesome locations but I was a bit worried about wandering around in plain sight. I suspect they might be pretty closely watched.

Abandoned dog house. To the left is the rubble remains of an old foundation. We didn't go too close because it bordered on an active property.

Point of entry, not too difficult.

The kitchen, complete with a bag of dogfood.

I don't know why this clock creeped me out so much.

The living room. Sorry it's so blurred.

Stairs to the basement.

Unopened preserves.

Curtains at the top of the stairs.

Boxes upon boxes of kids toys, books, and personal documents.

Their Christmas tree.

Their Christmas cards.

A parting shot from behind.
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