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No longer lurking...

I have been very impressed with the high quality of this community for the last several weeks, since I started lurking. I have always felt a strange attraction to abandoned places... mainly excused as an interest in antique architecture. But I haven't bothered to take photographs of most of these... but now armed with a digital camera with loads of memory, I shall make amends for those years of laziness!

Definitely NOT a place to break into... cameras everywhere.


These photos are of a neglected clay mine in central Georgia, USA. It's directly off Hwy 80, outside Macon. I wouldn't enter the fence, but the buildings glinting in the fading sunlight made a remarkablely photogenic image!

Long shot of "towers" rusting slowly... that pipeline is huge, runs above the road for hundreds of yards!

Close up of the ground area.

I LOVE the red grasses matching the red rust on the towers!

Sun and chemtrails... sigh

This is a shot of the other direction, showing the rest of the facilty and that pipeline continuing.
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