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Northern State Hospital, Washington State

I love UE, and it seems to go hand in hand with being an amateur ghost hunter. I have lots of pics from the west coast AND back east (I am originally from Boston, but live in Seattle now)that I can post, but am such an LJ amateur that I cannot figure out how to do a link for "Pics are here under the cut" etc. I will randomly post a few smaller posts until either a) I can stop being retarded (put the Boston accent on that "reetahdid") and figure it out, or b) someone can be kind enough to explain it. A few folks have been kind enough to give it a solid try but grrr...

OK. So, Northern State Hospital was an insane asylum. Part of the hospital has been taken over by Job Corps and has been redone; there was a working farm on the property that fed the patients, and they worked there as well, taking care of the animals and vegetables that grew. It reminded me of the remnants of a concentration camp....and please forgive the photos directly in the post...I hope noone gets too upset.

It would be interesting to note here that both TAPS (Ghost Hunters) and Paranormal State have both done investigations here, as well as many other paranormal groups.

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