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There are those places that you promise yourself that you will get back to - and do them 'proper'... All to often, the moment in time slips by, and the forces of nature and man complete the ruin before you can re-visit.

This upper-crust summer cottage is an example - the photos were taken in 2002 and now nothing but a level field remains where the house and outbuildings stood.

Chautauqua Long Point House

The cottage belonged to the original owners of the land that became Lake Chautauqua's
Long Point State park. For many years, the cottage stood vacant and unused, slowly rotting away.
Chautauqua Long Point House
I apologize for the quality of the photos - camera technology wasn't then what it is now, and I've
learned a few things about photography since then.
Chautauqua Long Point House
My regret is that I didn't enter this easily accessed gem back then...
"carpe diem" friends...
Chautauqua Long Point House

Chautauqua Long Point House

...the rest can be seen HERE

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