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Old smithy

I had promised to look into what had become of the dig in the middle of town, but the Landesmuseum is closed for reconfiguring for a new exhibit until 2 Feb. I will go back then. 

When I went to that museum I found this old smithy.

Usually when you go hunting for pictures of abandoned place you try not to get caught.

When an old man passed me while I was taking a photograph of a barred up window. He asked me not to take a picture of him, for I might damage the camera. I laughed because it is one of the things I always used say if someone tried to take a picture of me.

The he went through that beautiful gate and I followed him and asked him if he knew what had happened to the building?

He told me it used to belong to his grandfather who had been a smith, and his father who had been a smith and then it had been his work shop when he became a smith. He had wanted to become a sculptor but his father wanted to protect him from the Nazi Regime and made him come to work for him. He told me he can't use his left arm very well because a Russian boy shot him in the war. That was in '43 he must have been around 21. He said the boy was just doing his duty as he did his. He stopped working when he was 80. That was six years ago or so. Then there was trouble as to who was to inherit the whole thing.It seems that his father had more than one son (at least three as far as I can reconstruct) and they had children of their own - everyone wanted a piece of the cake and in the end the property was sold for 1 million Euros - all inclusive.
The new owner seemed only to be interested in gutting the building, taking everything that could be sold even prying out the beautiful old doors. Now it just sits there rotting away.

Still beautiful though.

He still owns the gate which he was unwilling to sell. It has been listed as a historic monument in the meantime. So at least this little piece will be protected.

He appears to be a happy funny fellow. Kind and friendly and a little talkative. His son owns a smithy just a few corners away. As most older people in this town he believes in god and that everything is part of a greater design and for a greater good.
He said that the world would be a peaceful place if people would not hate and be envious. I guess he had to face more than enough of that in his lifetime. I wish I were better at recollecting he told quite a few anecdotes of his familie and this citiy and his take on life which wa very touching even for someone who doesn't believe in religion anymore.

This was his fathers masterpiece

And there right on top of those towers. Can you make out the crosses? One was made by his father and one by his grandfather.
Amazing, hu?

A little collection of details.

Barred up window to the past. But look at the lovely detail.

The back yard. Something seems to have come down...

Another little bit of iron work op there.

I guess I will have to come back in spring.

Have Fun.
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