Morgan (ixion) wrote in abandonedplaces,


I have read the 1st and 2nd posts, but didn't really find an answer .. And, I wanted to put this out there for all of you and see how you go about it ...

I saw a few abandoned buildings today (that I previously didn't notice were abandoned). I would like to take pictures of them. I plan on sticking to the outside! Anyway, they are all in busy parts of town. I think I would look a little odd walking down the sidewalk snapping pictures.

Does location pull you away from places that you would like to photograph?
If not, is there any certain way to go about photographing them without looking too weird? If someone stops and says something to you, how do you respond?

Like I said, I plan to stick to the outside of the buildings. They were all businesses at one time. Another is a church and yet another is a Catholic School. (While I would love to get inside, I know they are all locked tight!)

Thanks! :)
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