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Washburne Trade School, Chicago - Part I

I have a new and better camera, so hopefully my next adventure will produce better photos. But until then, this is Washburne Trade School in Chicago.

Part I - The building in ruins...

Washburne is a huge place.

From outside the building:

From the roof...That building in the background is still Washburne. O.o

Looking at where we crawled in - the hole in the wall near the pallet is our point of entry.

Inside looking out. The second pic, I was trying to take a picture of some taggers that we'd noticed moving around on the floor in the middle. We started making our way out of the building afterward.

Creepy abandoned trade school...These are in no particular order.

And some interesting graffiti...

There were several of these:

Tagger stuff.

The next post will be for student artwork and artifacts left behind. Muah.

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