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Smoky Mountains Graveyard

The formation of the Great Smoky Mountains National park caused the abandonment of the Gilliland cemetery - it's now just inside the park boundary.

The two-wheel-rut path to get to the graveyard isn't for low clearance vehicles.

Graveyard in the Smoky Mountains

Many folks living hereabouts didn't have a lot of money for fancy headstones -
they just used what they could find... Some were very modest monuments.

Graveyard in the Smoky Mountains

School was a luxury beyond most folk's means too. Reading and writing
were skills that weren't universal in the local area. The tombstones were
inscribed with lines - like the paper at the school - and they did their best
to spell what they wrote correctly...

Graveyard in the Smoky Mountains

Local stone didn't have the lasting power of marble or granite - many head stones were reduced to weathered shards.

Graveyard in the Smoky Mountains

Graveyard in the Smoky Mountains

Here's a clip from the ride back out to the main road... in 4-wheel-drive...

...and at the main road, this abandoned house stood:

Graveyard in the Smoky Mountains

Dates of around 1900 could be made out on some headstones. Most were unreadable...
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