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A shoot made of disappointment and insufficient lighting

Don't you hate it when you espy something from the road only to brave barb wire and thickets to discover it wasn't as nifty as you'd hoped?  I saw this from the road:

not a house as I had previously surmised.  Curses.  Hm.  What 'tis?

Quite a mess.  From all the limbs across it, I surmise storm damage combined with bad construction brought it down.

I'm not sure if this was happenstance or if someone thought it would be fun to have a fort...

It had been there so long the tree on the right bent to accomdate the roof.

To speak in the vernacular of the peasantry: "Ka-wango!"

Staring down into the maw of the "branch donor".  It was at least 50 feet tall before it fell.  There seems to be a variety of tree, possibly an oak relative, that people seem to insist on planting next to their buildings.  These trees have a finite lifespan, dear people.  They grow, they peak, they age, they fall.  I mean they FALL!!!  They're all over after a windstorm down here.  We've been blessed that the trees next to our house are still very young.

Hey!  Whazzat?!  Ah, the thot plickens--a shorm stelter!! storm shelter!!!

Yes, it looks inviting.  Yes I wanted to go down.  I couldn't though.  No light and Maximum the Incredulous was with me. There was so much debris of a paw-slicing nature both up around us and down in the shelter, I didn't risk a descent.  And yes, he has a problem with "stay."

Best I could do was an arm extension into the stairwell.  Lots of debris, no water, curiously.  This was a serious concrete structure.  Maybe I'll leave Maximum home next time...

Soy bean on the hoof

and a... a... whatsit!!! 

Maximum checking out lynx sign.  There is speculation that Maximum may be cuter than Lunchbox.  Perhaps only superior in foot count. ;-)

And please, gentle readers, if you're in out in the tulgy woods as I was, cherish these signs.  They won't protect you from startled deer or unscrupulous rabbits, but it should guarantee you a modicum of safety from Joe Huntsman and his cronies.  Let's be safe out there, people. 
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