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My First trip! The Salton Sea.

So, prompted by a post here I went to the Salton Sea for my first abandonedplaces field trip. It was 400 miles from where I live (In San Francisco), and an LJ post happened to go out when a friend of mine would be going there as well! So we hooked up together with her friend Jeff, and after a short adventure that I won't post here, we ended up at the Salton Sea!

This is our second visitation of the day. An abandoned Spa/Dry Ice Factory! Not too clear on the history of it, I'll have to ask my friend again!

This is pulled from my LJ with more personal pictures taken out.

Next we have an abandoned Spa/Dry Ice Factory, these shots are SERIOUSLY AMAZING as the sun was doing it's thing going down. My Local Tour Guide showed us where it was. I'm going to have to get directions so I can kidnap others and bring them down too!

The front was strew with too much debris to try to enter, not to mention there was a GREAT BIG HOLE down in front of the front door.

So we boogied around the side, to the open door, through what was left of the wall. "Don't touch anything!" Jeff warned. "It's made of adobe and will probably fall over."

Probably, yeah, pretty though isn't it?

Seems solid enough...Let's go in!

Beautiful Fireplace. It had glass in it, I bet it used to light up!

The glass in the fireplace. All busted away now.

Here's that front door and it's debris and the giant hole and the contents of the kitchen.

The Waterheater, and...the bathroom? I dunno, but I couldn't get over there.

The door to the John

This house/shelter/room thing was full of asbestos!

Mud bath anyone?

You sure? You could have a SEPARATE mudbath?

Well, have a swim then?

No Gents, this is Ladys only.

We found owl pellets!

The DELIGHTFUL swimming pool.

Full of Scum, tires, with the factory in the background.

Not 100% on what this thing is...but isn't it pretty?!

Everything was covered in Salt. The Vans are for contrast. My shoes have bats on them, I still think it's awesome.

It's a little thing that did something!

Identify the material! Answer.) Wood

Dials and guages. I love that kind of thing!

Salt Creep!

This is the last building at he back of the lot. Restrooms, with some kind of water heater inside.

The two back doors to the place lead RIGHT into a nasty pit of black lagoon. Gross. Nothing but CO2 bubbling around in this.

When Wood is exposed to salt too long. It turns pretty!

Look how deeply buried the stove was from outside.

The back building, overlooking the scum lake, towards the factory.

Salt encrusted bird head.

The awesome buried stove.

The outhouse with the Black Lagoon again.

This...is driftwood.

We weren't alone.

Just...half of an abandoned car. The back half.

I Think me and my friend both got pictures like this.

The sun's starting to abandon us, just like people abandoned these buildings. Half this building abandoned it's upright position and fell into the GIANT sinkhole of the lake there.

How abandoned things were...

Easier to see the building falling apart.

Beautiful in the sunlight...

More baths.

Another TYPE of bath. The water would come up, and pour down the center trough, and pour into the smaller pools.

From the front, the main building. We made a big loop to investigate them all.

The main building, and the building with the large mineral pool out back.

Most of the Buildings.

Bat shoes, casualties of the salt.
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