Jennifer M. Coyne (sandiegololitas) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Jennifer M. Coyne

The Broken Pieces... (I'm a new member)

Hello and Good Afternoon,

  I enjoy the posts on this community and I haven't really posted much yet but I would like to learn more about exploring old abandoned places.  There is an ambiance to some of the photos here that strikes me, and others remind me of other times, some of the photos even remind me of home!

  I'm from Morganton, NC and Summerville, SC (the two towns that I grew up in) and I have been living out in San Diego, CA for about a year now.  I used to find all sorts of abandoned chimminies, old rusted cars, washers, some sort of box, toys... the place has so many memories, sadly, non that can be shown since I was a child then.  Playing in the abandoned woods is now nothing but a memory.

  However, I would like to look around old, forgotten places again.  I was wondering if anyone else here is in the San Diego area and would like to go searching!

I hope to post some amazing pictures soon!

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