twonderland (twonderland) wrote in abandonedplaces,

I've been search this community for awhile.. Sadly as much as I'd love to view and adventure abandon places..
First time posting.. I only have one picture to show. -Under the cut-
Photobucket Sorry it's a crappy picture..But when I was staying at pop century there's  an abandon resort on the other side. They started working on it.. And pretty much got very close to finishing it. But then 9/11 happened and they just stopped working on it. It's crazy when you think of disney world you wouldn't think they'd have stuff like this..

But they have a few things.. I never saw it when I was there.. But there is also an abandon water park. It's crazy seeing pictures when it was running then seeing just a swampy island.

If you didn't see those pictures and would like to I'm sure I can find some..

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