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Small drum roll, pls...

During a shoot made of disapointment and insufficient lighting, I discovered a bomb shelter-cum-root cellar.  Several individuals deemed it worthy of a second look (myself included), so I went back.  Maximum even went with me--Good Dog, Max--and stayed out of the way.  I came at the site from a different [section of ruined fence] angle, and so found a bit more than my first reconnoiter allowed me to discover.  Pardon any spelling errors-I had two helpers under the age of 5 assisting for all they were worth.

it snowed the night before.

The remnants of an industrial size can of Elbow Grease, known as Whup @ss in some parts of the US.

Something was spring-loaded.

Is it me or does this thing look like it's crawling?

The hummock where the bomb shelter is buried.  Off to the right-hand side there is what looks like an iron key sticking out of the ground.

the "key".  Looketh like something from Myst.

The entrance

The shot to show the anti-snake boots and my trusty stick.  This also shows that there are really only 3 steps down, securing the notion that if this is a bomb shelter, someone paid too much for zero protection.

The very sad interior.  Someone had tried to light these boards on fire at some point.  They were so thick that I didn't realise there was a fourth step down, so covered in debris it was.

The roof--part of the ventilation shaft had been messily detached.  I think I found it, but managed to delete the image. [head/desk]

what's an apocalypse without a cooler of refreshing rot?

or one's favourite blue towel.


from the top

The old ventilation chimney.  I wonder how many swings the vandals took with a sledge to get it off.

The end.

I was amazed at the junque on this site.  Debris from at least 20 years ago (e.g. glass soda bottles, the little stubby ones).  Guess the kids who did the damage have grown up and moved on with no replacements.  A little clean up and it would be pristine enough for the denizens of the forest to take over completely.
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