Kelli (kellsta) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Greater Deliverance Church, Memphis, TN

mr_j and I visited several abandoned places last weekend. Tons of pictures. Consequently, it's taking considerable time to get them ready for posting. Since there are only a few of the COGIC church, I'll start here. It's located on South Third, and those of you who are familiar with Memphis know this is not a good part of town.

We were pretty much done exploring and had stopped for a late lunch at one of those Taco Bell/Long John Silver's combo restaurants. I resisted the usual urge for a taco and chalupa in favor of the two piece fish dinner. Yummy, artery-clogging, unknown fish.

As we were headed back to the 'burbs, we passed the Greater Deliverance Church, affiliated with the Church of God in Christ, on South Third Street. I was on the lookout for more abandoned places and noticed that this one was missing a door. You can't pass up a site that's sitting wide open!

My shriek startled Jason, but he turned around at the next block and we went back. As we sat in front of a storefront next door and finished our food, he noticed someone walk into the church. I didn't think anything of it.

We got out and locked up the truck. Did I mention this is a very bad neighborhood? Emphasis on very. It took me a second to realize how nervous Jason really was. Insensitively, I urged him on and just as we got to the open door, we heard someone calling out "Hey!" A man across the street was waving at us. Panhandler, I thought. But he was so insistent that we turned back to meet him. He informed us that this wasn't a good place for tourists, and I chuckled a bit to myself thinking, ehh... we're NOT tourists. (Jason and I are both native Memphians.) But it was then that the reality of the situation hit me. Someone had already walked in there. Someone who probably squatted there and may or may not be armed. Considering the area we were in, it's very likely he was.

So we left. Quickly.

And I was mad because my adventure had been ruined.

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