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Abandoned Amusement Park

As for arriving to actual place past 6 o'clock.
Almost there was no sight with the thick fog, which occurs from feature of topography.

Captions are bablefish'd/translated. The idea was to add a back story to the post, unfortunately the translation is poor and makes little sense at times.

It tried climbing the rail of the coaster which is the highest place.

As for the sight which is covered in the fog those of this world the extent which cannot be thought it was fantastic.

By your at you looked several ruins which it can be wrapped in the fog, perhaps but the instantaneous there God has gotten off.

Suddenly when you look back at rear, at all there the [aikurushii] ferris wheel.

The white dragon which is hurt had rested the body on the grass.

Day went out the inserting fog. Here is the coaster riding place.

Still the air which remains did the character of the leading part of the recreational area. The mark of three [tsu] stars is what, it is lovely.

This much the coaster whose having a view is good was pleasant, it is probably will be.

Just a little it pitied the ferris wheel which it does not turn.

As for the gondola of such shape it decreased recently to see. The stand place when the air which is conical type does.

Fades very color this of the gondola which color of the ruins.

The waste recreational area T was the recreational area of maximum scale inside the prefecture.

It is the recreational area where it can adopt large-sized type such as coaster for the first time inside the prefecture.

As for opening 1973.

After that because of the deficit the management parent changed and 1982 [riniyuaruopun] did, but it closed after all in 1999.

So, as for the place, Japanese recreational area which continued to be directly there are no times when two degrees it is already born.

Now when the large-scale theme park appears
Paying the money of that appearance to such medium scale recreational area, you play, not being popular it is understood.

In with who, as for cute memory in the recreational area of local end the husband who is.

When this way is, the recreational area may be gone entirely.

In side of ferris wheel course of big [sori]? It was.

Whether this being [sori]?

It went down to around the entrance.
The merry-go-round which is not almost visible with the fog waited the [tsu] coming.

The horse your expression here was brightly good expression. In the weed like the true horse it was visible.

There was a chain tower on the side.

The triangle which is dangled to the place where it is close to the sky.

The arm was cut, it seems, he seems that already dies.

Because everyone I go to that world immediately, don't you think?.

Even, there is no about already to should go in me, it is. Only keeps falling it is possible, it is.

Because everyone I go to that world immediately, don't you think?.

In waste road of go cart course motor vehicle cassation.

In the map inside the garden does not exist the name remainder of the skating rink which.

The wreckage of the toy which is broken had dispersed several inside the garden.

They probably leave what kind of word lastly.

There is another coaster inside the garden.

The coaster which fades continued to wait for the children.

Already on the middle of course one coaster.

Three recreational areas which become the ruins which includes this recreational area were recorded
Having downloaded and selling photograph collection & free material collection of the recreational area.

Message from 181 recreational areas.
Printing favorite, please decorating in your desk.

good-bye amusement park
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