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Black Diamond, Washington State, Abandonded Miner's Graveyard

This was shown to my boyfriend and I by a local couple we are friends with. They have done tons of research in the area, and this particular graveyard is abandonded. It is home to some 40 miners who died in a mining accident out in Maple Valley, but they brought the bodies over to Black Diamond. There are million dollar homes up surrounding the area now, but the graveyard remains in place. One kind soul was kind enough to post a sign with photos of the miners, but the graveyard has been pillaged (as is seen in the photos) and not kept up. There are even families buried here...the kid's graves always make me choke up.

Above: a pillaged grave, stone top overturned and no body inside.

above: hiking up to the graveyard. This area is indeed maintained because it is on someone's property, but they allow people to cut thru to go to the graveyard.

above: gravemarker in the overgrown brush.

above: what should be a plot marker, marking a family plot.

Above: a grave marker, with a sunken grave.

Again, I apologize I haven't figure out how to do the "under the cut" thing. I know it's not required, but I'd like to be as nice as I can...I just want to share my photographs!

I have photos coming up over the weekend of an abandonded mining town in Franklin, Washington-which is in the corner of Black Diamond/Maple Valley. The graveyard up there was just SO OVERWHELMINGLY SAD!! And yes, I took these pictures.
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