Ms. Liberal (liberalms) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Ms. Liberal

Totally Rejected Anarchist Squat House

Been following this artist all over town

By far the scariest set of stairs I've ever walked up, ever.

Blackberry Reclaim

Book found on the kitchen counter.

Anarchist Propganda found in a makeshift bedroom that looks like it was set up after the house went derelict.

Blackberry reclaim II

Bathroom (or maybe laundry room?) with makeshift curtain made out of a blanket.

Article titled "The Path to the Chair" pasted to the living room wall

From a distance. All that bush is blackberry bramble and I will have the scars to prove it.

This was by far the scariest house we looked at but we spent a good 20 minutes tromping through blackberry bushes to get in. Once inside we realized there was a clear path on the side of the house that we could have come through. Har har.

Tags: pacific coast
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