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Poppenbüttel, Hamburg, Germany

This house has always been abandoned, although it went through various stages of dis-/repair in the last ten yeas. It used to be a decaying house without any windows or isolation or the part protruding on the right. In 2003, the city started refurbishing it, but apparently ran out of money half-way through and now it's just standing there, large, beautiful, abandoned and decaying, a hang-out for drunken teenagers who tag the place and have barbecues indoors.

There is a huge and not particularly effective fence around the place on three sides.

This pile included what looked like half a kitchen and a bed.

I was really curious about what the first floor would look like, but after seeing those stairs, I really did not dare to go upstairs.

The basement looked similarly uninviting and seeing as I forgot to bring a large torch and my small one has untrustworthy batteries, I did not venture below.

The next room - which was apparently supposed to be the kitchen.

The ceiling did not look trustworthy.

Remains of wallpaper.

Room next to that - with the remains of what appears to be the frame of a bed.

All the windows are smashed. It's a real pity, they were brand new a couple of years ago.

View from the other side of the room with the frame - and the remains of a barbecue.

Water had destroyed most of the roof, which they hadn't finished, either.

The basement windows had also been smashed. Looks as though they forgot some of their gear.

Other side, as seen from the "garden".

The house is located between a busy street and a nature reserve. Judging from the vegetation it is a rather swampy area, which might be part of the reason why they abandoned the project in the first place.

GoogleMaps image of the place seen from above.
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