JJ_MacCrimmon (jj_maccrimmon) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Abandoned Places – Mobile Abandonment

Back in April of last year, when I still lived in California, I witnessed a truly unique site/sight. The Los Angeles County Sheriff posted signs in our neighborhood that the main road behind my home at the time would be closed early one Sunday morning to facilitate an oversized load. The load?.. a long abandoned McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) YC-15 prototype transport plane which had sat abandoned and unloved for years at Palmdale Airport (USAF Production Plant 42). The authorities at Edwards Air Force Base decided the reclaim, restore and display the aircraft in the base museum. So bright and early on an April morning, the plane was towed through town and to the base.

The aircraft had previously sat on the edge of Boeing Aerospace’s ramp on the north edge of Plant 42 - here.
Tags: abandoned place, military, photography, southern california

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