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Gainesville Decay

So, it's our last day here in good old Gainesville. As I mentioned in my last (and first!) post, we've been lucky to spot a ton of abandoned places on our travels while here on vacation. Unfortunately, we weren't able to stop and explore any except that one house.

So imagine my suprise and joy, when I happened to glance out the car window as we were headed back to my mom's apartment yesterday after a day out and spotted a rusty old hulk sitting on a piece of wooded property mere steps from my mom's front door. We had to go investigate.

We found quite a few interesting objects, to be sure. The property is completely fenced, and topped with barbed wire for good measure. There was a hole in the fence where someone had made their own short-cut, but I was disinclined to enter - if I get arrested, it's gonna be in my own state, thank you very much!

Anyway, on to the pics. As before, shot with a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS. We originally tried to get the shots at about five p.m. and the light was really, really, wrong, so we came back this morning at about 11:00. The result:


Awesome Yellow Wrecker - This is the first thing I spotted. If the light hadn't been right as we were driving past, I probably never would have noticed.

Yellow Wrecker 2

Yellow Wrecker 3

And then I saw that there were more decaying monsters in this stretch of woods.

The Wood-Paneled Hauler With The Red Cab


Big-Ass Truck Tire W/Half An Axle - The other end was propped up on a stack of railroad ties, but I couldn't quite get it in the shot.

Truck Tire And Axle

Broken-Down Blue Ford

Blue Ford Pickup 2

Blue Ford Pickup 3

Blue Ford Pickup 4

That last one is one of my favorites out of all of the pics. The colors just came out really well, I think.

What's this, now?

Busted Nova 2

A little closer...

Busted Nova 3

Busted Nova 4

Still need it spelled out for you?

Busted Nova 1

Poor 'lil Chevy. :(

Moving on...

Not quite sure what this thing is - I had the thought that it might be the top half of an old horse trailer flipped upside down, but whether that's correct or not is anyone's guess.

Mystery Thing 1

Mystery Thing 2

Mystery Thing 3

And now for my favorite:

The Old Logging Truck

This one is really interesting to me, mostly due to a photo that I was able to get of the passenger-side door. Still visible in white script, are the words


Which doesn't turn up a whole lot in Google, but I did find a copy of a contract for an auto business run by an Edward Vasicek in Naples, Florida. So who knows, maybe they're connected.

Anyway, here it is -

R.E. Vasicek 7

R.E. Vasicek 6

R.E. Vasicek 4

R.E. Vasicek 2

R.E. Vasicek 5

R.E. Vasicek 3

R.E. Vasicek 1

The end!

Now if ya'll will excuse me, I've gotta finish packing! Hope everyone enjoys the pics. :)

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