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Abandoned Ironworks Building

Hi everyone! :-)
I bring photos of I'm not quite sure what. I intend to do more research, all I know at the moment that it was part of the Carnforth Ironworks Company. It is in the woods that back directly off of my street. Nowadays the whole area is 'woodland,' icky woodland at that. It's not a particularly nice place to be, and the 'hills' in and around it are slag heaps.
The pictures are not of the best quality and I'm sorry - I am neither the world's best photographer nor do I own the best camera. It is very scary going into those woods on your own though - I was frequently looking behind me and jumping at every sound. SO not fun. Plus the mud was 3 inches deep :)

If you go down to the woods today you'll be murdered by a stark raving axe wielding madman...


I really don't know what it is.

Fireplace thingy

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