Владимир Шрага (motoknitok) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Владимир Шрага

"Red Triangle" shoe factory

This factory in soviet times produced rubber foot wear

The factory is a huge block of red buildings

A few workers disassemble machines and move things from one place to another without any logics

A nostalgic poster in a workshop agitating to accomplish the decisions of the Communist Party

A gas mask and shoes

Some more workers. The black-dressed boy doesn't have gloves on his hands. That's the color of his skin after working with rubber dust

This is the rubber

Details of production

Galoshes was one of the main types of products the factory produced

Painted windows of a workshop

Unknown detail in a workshop

The windows are opened. Eternal aeration

It was autumn when I took these photos. The end of September, 2008

Yes, it was autumn

All calls are cancelled

Workshop master's office

A poster says that "1 per cent rise of productivity of labour by workwomen of procuring section will give 660 over-planned work pieces for galoshes"

Means of transportation

Means of transportaion

One of the factory's sections

Creative windows

Creatively placed models

The picture on the photo shows a workshop when the factory was still alive

A bit dusty

GAZ special automobile

Abandoned workshop

Sinking in the mud

Sorry... The time is over
Tags: commercial, russian federation, saint-petersburg

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