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Владимир Шрага


Playing around with a funny tool from poladroid.net I've found my 2-years-old set matching the topic of the community. So here you are pseudo-polaroids.

Abandoned pioneers camp "Chajka" 100 km from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Wooden viking is the second human being you meet when you come here. The first one is an old watchman who can speak only with help of a special plastic resonator hanging on his neck. He told me his story. About 30 years ago he was working an ambulance car driver and hurried to a patient. Suddenly he has found out that his car came out of petrol. He has stopped a car which was passing by and ask some petrol. And you know how it is done on the road: you put a hose into the tank, suck in a petrol with your mouth and then it starts to pour into gasoline can. But the man didn't know that the petrol was led! So he has burnt his throat with plumbum and could never speak normally anymore.
I was such a fool not to make his portrait!

Last supper, part 1

Last supper, part 2

A room of patriotic education

Kitchen unit


A poster tells a story about producing of bread: "To make a bread one needs: Sun power, Air, Water, Ground, Fertilization, Seeds, Work of people of hundreds of professions, Spaceships, Meteorological stations, Grain depots, Chemical factories, Seeding machines, Tractors, Harvesters, Trains, Automobiles"

Refectory. I was afraid that the ceiling would fall right on my head

Drying unit and The world. 2 in 1

This wooden woman has seen me off...
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