words from a former (image) whore. (gooeygomo) wrote in abandonedplaces,
words from a former (image) whore.

a few from the Phoenix, AZ area

nothing special here, but i'd like to share!

Abdandoned Qwest building S.E Corner of north 3rd St at Earll, Phoenix, AZ  August 2008

This building is in the midtown area of Phoenix, Arizona, at 3rd Street and Earll. Just a run of the mill 1970's office building that's been abandoned for a few years now, and is being prepared for demolition. I took it at about 7am on a bright hot desert morning, in August, having been up a few days on crystal meth!

space junk Chandler, AZ November 2008
This is a not a space ship! It's a piece of a machine that had been dismantled at a recently closed metal stamping factory in Chandler, AZ

industrial wasteland- chandler, arizona november 2008
This is also a piece from the same factory.

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