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Abandoned Places – Sloss Furnaces (Dec 08); Part 2 of 3

After an unplanned and unintended break from posting images, I’m playing a bit of catch up a bit tonight. In Birmingham, AL lies a gem. Sloss Furnaces is a former pig iron blast furnace which dates to the 1880’s. The site closed from commercial production in 1974 and soon after was acquired by the State of Alabama as a historic landmark. The furnace grounds are in a state of arrested decay and semi-preservation, but the steel work that once happened here is long gone. The air in this Victorian ghost whispers of steam and the hiss of molten steel.

Back in December, I had the opportunity to visit this site for a Steampunk / Steamfashion meet-up and photoshoot. Before the site opened up I first captured images of a power house and support buildings just outside the gates of the mill grounds.

These are towers to heat the air to be pumped into the blast furnace

Furnace #2 – the Beast

Tools to feed and care for the Beast

Power conductors and switching assemblies

More shortly – Moving inside
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