aarchaela (aarchaela) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Stone Foundation & Rusty Machines, Michigan UP

In 1985 I spotted this ruin in miles of snowy fields along the M28 roadside on the way to the Seney Wildlife Refuge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, often voted most boring stretch of highway in the state by readers of AAA Travel Magazine, so you can imagine my joy as a lover of abandoned places as I struggled through drifts several feet high to investigate with my trusty Canon AE1 35mm film camera.

Let's get closer. Follow me and proceed with caution. Make sure your tetanus shot is current.

These kinds of stone foundations on houses and barns are not uncommon in rural Michigan. Anyone have any idea what type of machinary this was? The wheel makes me think tractor or thresher, but the saw blades have me stumped.
Tags: michigan, midwest us, rural
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