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Abandoned Places – Sloss Furnaces (Dec 08); Part 3 of 3

Perhaps the most unique feature of Sloss Furnaces is interiors and underground passages. The power house and adjoining air pumps are eerie and dim even on the brightest and cheeriest of days. The ore tunnel is even worse. Let’s start this final set of photos there.

Water flows freely into the tunnel and drains into a sink below the base of the lifts that would carry ore and coal up to the mouth of the blast furnace. Where the water goes from there is a mystery to me.

Worn and rusting controls draped with roots and vines..

The view in the available light

The view inside the power and blower house wasn’t much brighter even with windows nearby. This is a long exposure shot to capture the ambience without flash. It was much darker.

Hydraulic controls and breaks

A generator opened up for view

Switching off this edition
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