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Welborne Cafeteria

welborne lights

Earlier, somebody posted two pictures of Welborne food court. Not to overshadow that post, but Welborne Cafeteria held memories for many of the students at Appalachian State University. The university is rapidly expanding and changing. Welborne closed its doors in December of 2008 and began demolition this week. Apparently students were taking pictures of it all day.

The strange thing to me is what was left inside, and how the construction crew is going about tearing it down. It's like they did it violently, without a plan. If the construction crew wasn't present, it would look like a tornado had hit it, because the university left most everything inside. To me, it's a blatant waste of chairs, if anything.

In an interview, the chancellor said Welborne was falling in. It wasn't then, but it is now.

The students used to call it the schwag court, on account of ASU's famous hippie population. When you can't afford good weed but you wanna get high, you buy schwag. When you're hungry but you can't afford good food you take your meal card (a pre-paid food plan) to Welborne and eat there. Hmm. Not anymore, you don't.

This was the front of the building. On the left side was a vegetarian cafeteria, in the front was a Chic-Fil-A and an AWESOME wrap place. When you entered from the front, there was immediately a set of steps that took you down to the main food court. Unfortunately, I had nothing to stand on, and the back was blocked by the new cafeteria, so I could not photograph the steps. It would have made a great picture.

The hole you see at the bottom is the steps that went down to the main cafeteria.

Poor little veggies. This was the bar in the vegetarian cafeteria. Looked like a perfectly good bar to me. I wonder why they didn't take it out and put it in the new cafeteria. People can be so wasteful. Makes me wonder if they left all the cooking equipment too. Those shiny things in the background may be refrigerators or ovens...I don't know.

stacked chairs
The person who posted earlier had a picture of these stacked chairs. They left all the chairs and all the tables. I know I could fit through the fence quite easily, and I also know I could get to these chairs without getting hurt. I would like a souvenir but it's right in the open and supposedly it's guarded at night. Also, I feel bad for those poor sun-bleached hanging plants.

The building from the side.

wellborne side
A little lower down the sidewalk, towards the new food court. I think this part was a sunroom but I'm not sure. The sunroom may have been on the other side.

wellbourne mirror and junk
I think this is a mirror, but it may be a windowpane.

No smoking.

wellborne mirror
Closeup of the mirror (or windowpane). I love it. It's beautiful.

wellborne doors
These were the doors on the side of the building that took you to the main food court, the bottom part where you had to go down the stairs if you entered from the front. They had a nacho bar down there. I must have made at least 100 plates of my own nachos. They were never delicious, but it was a freakin' nacho bar!

food service closings
It's closed, all right. On the inside were still posters for clubs and sporting events.

stadium lights welbourne
Aw, gloomy. If you look closely, in the 2nd window on the right you can see the reflection of the lights in the new football stadium, which is what likely led to the demise of many of the older buildings.

melted rebar and plants
Back up to the top level again.

welborne lights

welbourne plants
The (other set of) stairs that led down into the main food court.

It's really sad, and it's odd to me the way they are demolishing it. It's like they want the students to get a last look. I saw at least 4 other people taking pictures and I was only there for maybe 10 minutes.

Goodbye, Schwag court. Hello....something.

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