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Abandoned Chantilly, Part 1...

A few years ago I started working at a job that took me past more than a dozen abandoned sites every day. Slowly I've watched as one by one, they're bulldozed to make room for places like this:


The most pretentious carwash I've ever seen. I wouldn't let those SOB's wash my lawnmower, thankyouverymuch. :-/

I suppose that's the price to be paid for living in one of the few areas of the country where the economy's still doing reasonably well, but before they pave any more of them, I took the opportunity a few days ago to visit many in my area...


Kennels always reminded me sort of of prisons. I suppose maybe it feels weird to me since I also work in a kennel (a nice one, however, not like this crappy abandoned one!), but this one was particularly bleak.

DSCF9812 DSCF9807

DSCF9821 DSCF9826

DSCF9853 copy DSCF9837

DSCF9823 DSCF9868

I also explored a long-vacant house, some construction offices, and a couple of other miscellaneous buildings...

DSCF9922 DSCF9921

DSCF9903 DSCF9904

DSCF9926 DSCF9952

xDSCF0040 DSCF9993

DSCF9929 DSCF9984

(Complete set on my flickr page)

Of course, a few days after my visits to the above places, I went out a different way and passed a dozen-or-so more abandoned places. So there will have to be a Part 2, coming soon!

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