minfo47 (minfo47) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Unpioneer-like abandonment

In reality, visiting this pioneer-camp was not the main purpose. Rather a by-the way…
It was just an ordinary ski trip somewhere not too far.

We never got to hear the bugler – the camp was abandoned in its cosntruction stages, so there lifesigns of pioneership were not fated to be discovered. On the other hand, it’s nice that there were practically no signs of criminals/bums either. Meticulously clean and aired out.
Three buildings, arranged in a U-shape, with the characteristic square for pioneer line-ups (what else for?). Although, the pioneer idea is just a theory. Cherry-colored, Blue, Yellow (based on the detailing tile on the concrete slabs.

1. All skied out, evening-time.

2. Main entrance to the first (Cherry) building.

3. Cherry. Right wing.

4. In the Cherry, view at Yellow.

5. The corridors of the first.

6. Panoramic windows in the main hall of the Cherry building

7. Factory wall-writing

8. Another room of the 1st building (Cherry)

9. View from window of room (office?). Yes, just behind the building is a beautiful forest.

10. Door hole way.

11. Utility building (at the intersection of building one and two).

12. A neat-freak’s set.

13. Dandelions and building two.

14. From a window of the utility structure. The building is dated 1982.

15. The Blue (second) building.

16. Two-storied. Most likely a mis

17.  Ruins.

18. First (Cherry).

19. Third (Yellow).

20. Cherry, Blue, Yellow

21. HB2U

22. Montage?

23. …and tires

24. Shrooms.

25. Fragments

26. The square where fate did not permit line-ups of pioneer campers.

! Photo by mobile phone SonyEricsson w810i
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