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There are a LOT of abandoned houses in northern Bakersfield. These two happened to be on my street so I was able to get a few quick pictures of them, though only the outside of them. They're boarded up and I'm not quite bold enough to break in :) I'll wait til someone else does that for me, lol.

As it is, I couldn't see much of this house due to the wood fence surrounding the property.

Another view through a bigger hole.

And another through a crack in the fence.. lol

And hey, even better view when I hold my camera over the fence

I walked around the side of the house and was rewarded with a big slat of wood missing from the fence. I was too scared to go in.. I didn't want to anger any neighbors.

As you can see, there's a house in front of this one that's lived in.

I just love the peeling paint

I was being watched by this adorable escape artist pit bull puppy.. I see this guy alot, actually. He's a cutie, and he makes me glad my dogs aren't Houdinis.. lol.

Another house.. I thought this was one too cute, a cozy little 1 bedroom probably, with a separate garage and at one point had a gate surrounding it.

Abandoned computer monitor

Back of the house.. the house next door to this one is lived in as well, and has an orange tree in the backyard.. I was tempted, and kind of wish that house was abandoned too, lol..

How fun, a mattress in the backyard

And that's all! There's an abandoned realty building and an abandoned apartment complex a few streets over I'll have to check out soon as well.. they're both neat-looking.


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