Joseph L. Harris, Sr. (ghandiavelli) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Joseph L. Harris, Sr.

St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio

Images from a visit to St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

These images are all so much better viewed larger. You can click through to Flickr where I believe you can view larger sizes.

 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0010And8more Saturday I visited St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0019And8more Byzantine Catholics worship like the Orthodox, but the Pope is the head of their church. Consequently, their churches are elaborately decorated, like Orthodox churches.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0046_48_50_52_54 St. Joseph was a Baptist church for a while before it fell into disuse.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0091_3_5_7_9 The plaster is rotting away from exposure to the humid air, because all the windows are gone.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0100_2_4_6_8 The floor also is entirely gone.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0127_29_31_33_35 
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0136_38_40_42_44 
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0163_65_67_69_71 The only graffiti in the whole place is seen here on the right side.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0199_201_203_205_207 There were verses of scripture on the walls, both in English and in Church Slavonic. A liturgical language like Latin was in the Western church before Vatican II. Used in the Church, but not a first language for anyone.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0217_19_21_23_25 
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0235_37_39_41_43 I was a little surprised that all the ethnic decorum was left when the building was taken over by the Baptists. Particularly the images of the Virgin Mary.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church - 0244_46_48_50_52 
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church Portraits - 0001 James "Karl Marx" Rinto, one of my co-conspirators.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church Portraits - 0006 Cool reflection in his cop sunglasses. You can see all of us, and the entire church behind us.
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church Portraits - 0032 James Ashford
 (2009-04-11) St. Joseph Church Portraits - 0041 Matt Porreca, my navigator and videographer.
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