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Burnt and abandoned electricity power plant in Finland

This is my first time posting here, so hello everybody :) I've been a member for a while, and into abandoned place far longer. I live in a small town in northern Finland (so obviously English isn't my first language, sorry about any mistakes I might make). Even if this is a very small place, luckily we're a coastal town and there's a nice amount of old saw mills and hydroelectric plants etc here. There are also abandoned houses, which I actually love a tiny bit better than industrial factories and such.

More pics behind the cut.

The pictures I'm posting were taken in a small electricity* power plant. Half of it burned down a few years back, after that it's become a quite popular target for urban explorers, adventurers and local kids alike. There was also an art school in the same building, it too burned down and is now abandoned as well. The fire destroyed quite a lot of the power plant, but a part of it is still working. A lot of the interior of the art school burned down; many of the rooms are still in good shape, though, and during the summer the place has a lot of squatters and teenagers drinking and hanging around. There's been talk of tearing the place down and building something, but nothing particular has happened yet. There have been some unofficial groups of people who would have liked to keep the place as it is and as a kind of a free-for-all place. They've had 'art exhibitions' in the place, I do believe there was some kind of choir performance as well. Somebody even built a skate ramp there. This has not been officially approved, though, and it's clearly not the safest place in the world.

I've often gone to the plant to take pictures, so here are a few older ones first:

This picture is taken from the plant's side, the opposite side is where the school is situated. It mostly looks like a war zone. I suppose there was some kind of machinery on this open space, but it's been very badly burned and collapsed now.

This is the wall that is on the right in the previous picture.

Some machinery and things:

These pics are from the art exhibition somebody put up. As you can see, the art school had all sorts things that survived the fire, tons of art paper, colors, photos, paintings, books, whatever have you. Even unopened plastic bags of toilet paper. At some point, somebody gathered all the stuff and put it up around the area. In a way it was cool, but also kind of creepy.

I went there again this Easter, I guess whoever makes this stuff had some kind of a resurrection theme going on:

There was also this weird pterodactyl-like construction strapped to the outer wall. It was a hanging on some kind of wire attached to a lamp-post on the other side. I thought it looked really nifty.

Note the 'man' sitting on the chair strapped to the wall.

I originally went over to take pictures for an acquantaince of mine. I hope pictures with a model are okay, if not, let me know and I'll delete them.

The model is Natalie Reckert. If by some small chance somebody around here happens to be in or from Finland, Natalie and my sister are having a small performance here in Oulu in a few weeks.

Any comments and criticism are appreciated!

Thanks for looking!

*I'm not sure if it's the right term, an online translator gave me 'electricity power plant', though I almost would have figured it would be 'electrical power plant' instead or something. Well, anyway, I hope you know what I mean. Would appreciate knowing the right term, though :P

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