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One More

Just one more quick one - On the way back from getting pics of the house I posted the other day, I decided to stop and finally get a few pics of this place. I've literally driven past the little shack hundreds of times, but never really gave it much thought. Now that the weather is finally getting better though, I'm starting to build a list of places I've been wanting to explore.

This place is about twenty feet away from a fairly active road that cops travel often, (it's on the way to the local lockup) and it is posted in two places with no trespassing signs - so I wasn't able/willing to get too close.

For anyone interested, the location is Ellicott City, Maryland.

Oh! And before I forget - I got bored last night and did a quick search of the property records to see what I could find out about the house I posted the other day. I didn't find out a whole lot, but I did find out that it was built in 1920, which I think is pretty cool. The presence of a well and pump in the yard really got me interested, since none of the other homes in the area have one.

Anyway, click on the cut to check out the pics. Thanks!



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