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Strange things at Fort Armistead...

So I'm part of a group of UE Photographers who meet maybe once a month to go out on all day explorations. It's supposed to be based in D.C. (hence the name) however if has members from Northern VA all the way to Southern PA with most people being in Southern MD or Baltimore. If you are in any of those locations and want to join feel free, it is a public group...


But anyway the real point of this post is about our trip to Fort Armistead. The idea of the meet-ups is to get new people to come out and maybe get interested in exploring. Because of this we always choose public or very easy spots. The idea is see who shows up, who we think is cool, then we go off to a real spot to explore. This month's organizer chose Fort Armistead park as the meet spot.

The short history...
"An Endicott period fort named in honor of Major George Armistead, commander of Fort McHenry during the famous 1814 bombardment from the British Fleet. It is located at Hawkins Point next to the Key bridge." The fort seems to date around the year 1900. The historical significance of this place is pretty much nothing. No battles were ever fought here. After 1920 the military never used it for anything except dumping some ammunition during WWII and after that they gave it over to the city. The city made it into a park but that is not saying much at all. It has a boat ramp and fishing area down by the water but that is it. They allowed the fort to fall into a terrible state of disrepair. It is covered with graffiti and garbage. The inside of the fort resembles a sewer, except not as clean.

So anyway I was a little late getting to the meet-up on this day. I arrive about 10 minutes late and most of the people are waiting on the parking lot. When I get out they tell me to take notice of the other cars on the lot, and so I do. Cars would consistently come driving into the lot. There is only one road that leads in/out. These cars would circle around the lot a couple times then back up into a parking space on either end and just sit there. Cars did this for all of the 15 or 20 minutes we were waiting around. Always backing into the spaces. Sometimes after a while a car would drive away and another one would follow it. It was not long until we realized some shady shit was going on.

We decided that everyone who was going to come was probably there so we made our way into the fort. When we got there we saw a stray cat licking itself. On the other end was some old dude just standing there. This place is a concrete block covered in graffiti. There is really no reason for anyone to be here except to take pictures, even that almost has no point. This guy was just standing there and he would look back at us sometimes and that was it. We decided to just walk towards him and see what he did. Once we got kind of close to him he seemed to wander off back towards the road or something. We wandered around the place for maybe 20 minutes. We explored the sewer like bowels of the place. While inside we met 2 other people which was creepy. Except it turns out they were other "new" people who were supposed to meet us but got there late. After about 20 minutes in this place we headed back down to the parking lot and planned our next move. All the while the cars were still circling. We eventually headed off on our next adventure of the day.

I took the liberty of trying to confirm our suspicions with a google search. Here is what I found...

And one other site, which I will not link to because of the content, but it had this quote which says it all...

"is this place worth it? been there, done them, got the poison ivy to show for it. lot of old timer action, and tons of regular guys, every day is like a reunion. need fresh meat. (6-6-2006)"

So to summarize this post, this is a fort where nothing ever happened, it's dirty and trashed, and old gay dudes bang here.



2. Gun emplacement. The water would be straight ahead beyond those trees. From the sunken angle of the fort (which is built on a hill) attacking ships would not be able to see where the canons were firing from...


3. Just left of LISSE you can see one of the park's frequent visitors...








7. The water would be on the left and all of the guns would be mounted down below...










12. This sign was located deep within the bowels of this place. It makes no sense because there are absolutely no houses anywhere near this place. It is located in industrial south Baltimore. It's not like your cat ran away from home and you think it may have ended up here. This sign seems like it is saying they abandoned their cat here and now they want it back...


13. Super creepy chair. I can only imagine the kind of ghoul who would sit around in here...








Here are some old pictures from last year...

17. Fort Carroll, a man-made fort out in the Patapsco River...












23. Looks like another visitor in the back there...



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