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Hello all, this is my first time posting. Yesterday, as I was walking along the Western Reserve Greenway Trail in Ashtabula County, Ohio, I came upon something pretty interesting and rather abandoned. If any of you know what this might have been (the trail used to be an old railroad that went near the eastern border of Ohio), please share!

Lots of pictures, though.

Buried cable? In the middle of nowhere?

But behind it a little ways... an abandoned 'foundation'!

It's been there so long that moss has collected on top of the stone, and weeds have started to grow in dirt that's been piled on top.

It's completely embedded in vegetation.

It had three tiers of stone, a large rectangular bottom level, a mid level almost as big as the bottom one, and then the top level (shown here) that was only about 1/8 of the size of the whole thing.

A ways away, more of the base level has been buried by the dirt pushed aside to create the paved Greenway trail.

Behind this was a trail of what looked like freshly laid stones. I followed it and found a bunch of railroad ties.

Here's a rusty old bolt that stuck up out of the stone foundation thing but had nothing attached to it.

Perhaps, at one time, the bolt connected to this thing.

Here's another of those metal things that was laying nearby (next to some shifty looking white powder). These things were probably a little bigger than my hand.

There were a bunch of railroad ties buried in vegetation, but all in a row and nailed together. They looked like they were some sort of flooring or something at one time.

Here's a more intact railroad tie, with its fastenings still attached.

This is where the foundation ended. It was probably fifteen or so feet long, but the railroad ties and pieces of metal were scattered for about an eighth of a mile around it.

I don't know what this once was. My mother thought it might have been an old railroad transfer station, but I don't know. Any insight would be lovely! Thank you for looking at my pictures. =) If you want to see more that are mostly unrelated to abandoned places, have a look at my gallery.
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